“You GET TO…”

We have been watching a teaching series by Andy Stanley called, “Brand New,” during the Adult Sunday School Class that has been REALLY eye opening view of the Church.

Stanley argues that we have (unfortunately) patterned the church after the Old Testament Temple Model in which you have DO something to get right with God.  Jesus ushered in a whole new way for us to connect with God.  He’s already DONE it all… we just need to respond.

Christianity spells salvation entirely different than any other belief system.  You look at any other religion in the world and you’ll find that they all spell salvation the same way: DO… something YOU have to D-O.   Christianity spells salvation D-O-N-E… something that has already been DONE for us.  That’s good news!

Romans 5:8 says that, “Christ died FOR US.”  .  In Romans 8:31 Paul writes, “If Christ is FOR US who can be against us.”  In other words, Jesus is FOR YOU.  Think about that for a moment.  The God of the universe is FOR YOU!   You don’t have to lie awake at night wondering how you and God are doing.  If someone has died for you, they are FOR you.

When you come to Christ there is a major paradigm shift in the way you relate to God.  In the Old Testament it was more of, “I have to do THIS,” or, “I have to do THAT.”  Now it’s no longer, “I HAVE to,” it is, “I GET TO.”   You GET TO read your Bible.  You GET TO pray.  You GET TO come to church and fellowship with other believers.  You GET TO give.  You GET TO serve.   Do you see the difference?  It’s no longer I HAVE TO.  That’s Old Testament.  The New Testament is YOU GET TO.

Live your life with that attitude and you will discover a whole new love and joy for Jesus Christ.

**You can watch the whole teaching series at http://brandnewseries.org/


Pastor Bill

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