About Me

My name is Bill Stegemueller. Thanks for dropping by ;But GOD!

I’m a PASTOR that is passionate about JESUS.  My purpose is to know Him and to make Him known.  I’ve been in full time ministry for the last 30 years. I currently serve Medina United Methodist Church and am going on my 19th year as their pastor.  (I’ve served churches in Liberty Hill, Lakehills, Mertzon/Christoval, and Victoria)  I’m doing what I LOVE.   I can’t imagine doing anything else.  I’d do it for free if I could.   I love to preach/teach.  I preach expositionally… book by book… chapter by chapter… verse by verse.  I  LOVE to Study the Bible.  I try to read through the entire Bible every year.

I graduated Texas Tech with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration I went on to Asbury Theological Seminary where I completed a Master’s of Divinity.

Some of my other hobbies include playing the guitar!  I LOVE playing in our church group and I find that it keeps me young.  I agree with Martin Luther, “When you can’t pray… SING.”


I also love to read and blog and am always into the latest tech.  I’m also into HAM Radio K5KB and am a Amateur Extra (My QRZ Page) still struggling to understand the dynamics of radio.  My family is involved in Ham, but think I’m little obsessive about it.   My wife is W5PSI and my son is KG5RST.

I also love to WORKOUT and have actively done P90X,  P90X2, and most recently P90X3.

My Lord and My Family take all precedence in my life. I am married to Anna Ramsey Stegemueller for 29 years (Anniversary March 14) and we have three wonderful children: Christi (27 years), Kaitlin (25 years), and Cody (24 years old)


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