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Are You Tuckered Out?


The Tuesday morning Men’s Bible Study discussed Max Lucado’s book, “Come Thirsty in which Lucado writes about a place called, ‘Tuckered Town”.   See if any of you can identify with this…

Shoulders pressing, feet digging, lungs puffing, they muscle automobiles up and down the street.  Rather than sit behind the wheel, they lean into the trunk. 

The sight puzzles you.  The sound stuns you.  Do you hear what you think you hear?  Running engines.  Citizens of Tuckered Town turn the key, start the car, slip it into neutral, and shove!

You have to ask someone why.  A young mother rolls her mini-van into the grocery store parking lot.  “Ever thought of pressing the gas?” you question.

“I do,” she replies, brushing sweat away.  “I press the gas to start the car, then I take over.”

A bizarre answer.  But no more bizarre than that of the out-of-breath fellow leaning against his eighteen-wheeler, wheezing like an overweight marathoner.  “Did you push this truck?” you ask.  “I did,” he gasps, covering his mouth with an oxygen mask.

“Why not use your accelerator?”

He cocks an eyebrow.  “Because I’m a Tucker trucker, and we’re strong enough to do our own work.”

He doesn’t look strong to you.  But you say nothing.  Just walk away wondering, What kind of people are these?  A pedal push away from power, yet they ignore it.  Who would live in such a way?  (chapter 4, pages 55-56.)

In the 6th chapter of Max Lucado’s book, Come Thirsty he tells the story about visiting Tuckered Town.

What he finds is that all the citizens of Tuckered Town are pushing their automobiles from one place to another. What he finds is not an epidemic of broken down cars. No, that is not the problem because all of the cars’ engines are running.

It seems that every citizen in town gets into the car turns the key. They start the car. They slip the car into neutral. Then they step out of the car and push it to where they want to go. Every citizen is a pedal push away from power and yet they ignore it.

Who would live like this?  We do everyday we try to live by our own power.

You began life in Christ by the Spirit Now are you trying to make it complete by your own power?  That’s is foolish. Gal 3.3

Most people classify people into two groups saved and unsaved.  Max adds a third category.  Saved, but unspiritual.  A spiritual person is dependent, directed and dominated by the Holy Spirit.  He seeks to walk in the Spirit…We let God save us, BUT not change us.

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