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“Live Life Like You Mean It”

T.J. Addington’s, “Live Like You Mean It: The 10 Crucial Questions that Will Help You,” was worth reading.  It was very personal and was the culmination of going through hard times and nearly dying from a rare strain of pneumonia.  Going through a near death experience certainly gives your life clarity and Addington spent the next year while he was going through rehabilitation writing, “Live Like You Mean It.”  It’s been said that everyone ought to live life as if they are terminal

He writes about a professor by the name of Randy Pausch who was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer who wrote a book, “The Last Lecture,” which was a culmination of lessons learned from his life experience.  Millions of people were influenced by his book.   I got the sense that T.J. Addington had the same thing in mind when he wrote this book since it really gets at some of the important issues in life. Continue reading

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