My HOPE is in the LORD.

The drought in Texas is pretty serious and I’ve heard people jokingly talking about doing a rain dance.  Oh COME ON, really?!  I’d much rather go to God’s Word.  I’m currently reading in the book of Jeremiah and came across these Scriptures in chapter 14.

Jeremiah 14
“This is the word of the LORD to Jeremiah concerning the DROUGHT:” (verse 1) “The ground is cracked because there is no rain in the land; the farmers are dismayed and cover their heads.” (verse 4) “Do any of the worthless idols of the nations bring rain? Do the skies themselves send down showers? No, it is you, O LORD our God. Therefore our hope is in you, for you are the one who does all this.” (verse 22)

When I hear that meterologist are saying the Texas Drought might last another 10 years, I think, “What in the world do THEY know!”  Some people put more faith in them than the Lord.  I am SO grateful that we have a Heavenly Father who is completey in control.  Let’s continue to HOPE and PRAY in the Lord.

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