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MacArthur Study BibleLast year I took a summer sabbatical and took the NKJV John MacArthur Study Bible with me.  My goal was to read through the Bible in 8 weeks. This Study Bible made it easy.  The Bible didn’t read itself, but MacArthur’s study notes made it easy to understand the text.  I have used John MacArthur’s commentaries for years and really appreciate the love and care he gives to God’s Word.  This Study Bible exhibits that same type of devotion.

When it comes to Study Bibles there are many different types.  Some Study Bibles lean more on interpretation and some lean more on application.  The MacArthur Study Bible leans more on the interpretation.

The Study Bible is well made.  It includes both Concordance and a Topical Index.  It has useful charts and maps.   It also includes a section on theology, which reflects John MacArthur’s theology.   (It’s a well-known fact that John MacArthur is a Calvinist and a Cessationist)  While I do not consider myself either a Calvinist or a Cessationist, I still found his Study Bible extremely valuable.

One thing I have to mention… the folks at “Grace To You,” have provided me free material for years for nothing in return.  I wasn’t even required to write a review on this Study Bible.  They are really out to get God’s Word out and live up to their motto, “Unleashing God’s Truth, One Verse at a Time.”

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