A Testimony…

(Used by Permission)
Pastor Bill,      I wanted to thank you for the sermon this morning! I know you have heard this before. This morning’s message was aimed right at me. First, let me say that I was not going to tune in today. Sometimes we have difficulty with the sound and the only mic that seems to work is your wife’s. Today, Lynda set me up with a blue tooth speaker that amplified the sound perfectly! As I listened to you speak, GOD spoke to me. I’ve had a very rough time since returning from Texas in April. I spent so much time in recovery that I lost the use of my legs. Physical therapy helped, but somewhere I had a set-back and I still depend heavily on a walker. I’ve tried almost everything, but nothing seems to improve my ability to walk and/or be stable on my feet. Along with some other things that is why we can’t come to Texas this winter. Right along with medical care I have been praying for GOD’s healing hand. To be truthful, not as often as I should. I am so discouraged that I no longer “pray without ceasing”. I am not sure that I pray with “expectations”!

 GOD spoke to me this morning! HE told you to assure me that HE heard and hears my prayers and that they are still out there. More importantly, HE reminded me that HE always answers prayer! Now to the tough part! HE may not give me the answer I want, but it will be a part of HIS plan for me! I have to accept that with FAITH. I heard you when you said it is often difficult to “discern” GOD’s answer. I will pray more for the wisdom to discern and the patience to wait.      Thank you for the video ministry! We have missed only one service since I got home in June. Pray for me as I will pray for all of my Christian brother’s and sister’s at Medina UMC. GOD willing, Lynda and I will return to Medina in 2022. Merry Christmas: and, I hope a better 2021! GOD SAVE AMERICA!                                                                          Tom Brown (Lynda) 

P.S. This letter is my testimony! If sharing it with others forwards the work of GOD, feel free to use it.

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