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“TrueFaced: Trust God and Others With Who You Really Are.”

“TrueFaced,” is all about discovering how to live under God’s grace. The book was written as an allegory.   (i.e. The Pilgrim’s Progress, The Chronicles of Narnia)

The Book sucked me in right from the start by talking about two possible paths for the Christian to take in life:  PLEASING GOD or TRUSTING GOD.    At first glace, I saw the PLEASING GOD path as the best.  It sounded a lot more “spiritual,” but it actually ends up being the least graceful.  It leads to a room called, “GOOD INTENTIONS,” that is opened by the doorknob of EFFORT and is full of people who put on a facade because they feel no one (Including God) would accept them as they really are.  I quickly realized that many times I have mistakenly taken this route in life and was miserable as a result.

The path of TRUSTING GOD is just the opposite and leads to a room called “THE ROOM OF GRACE.”  The doorknob of HUMILITY opens this room and it is characterized by people who want to grow and trust God and others with who they really are. This involves faith. The Bible says that without faith it’s impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6) Continue reading

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