About Me

Pastor Bill serves as lead pastor of Medina Community Church since 2003 and is dedicated to solid verse by verse expository teaching.   Nothing has helped him see Jesus more clearly and love Him more deeply that the faithful study and application of His Word. 

Bill became a Christian through a college ministry at Texas Tech University and shortly after began working with a local youth group.  That church helped him realize a call to being a pastor and later helped him financially in Seminary.  Bill graduated Asbury Theological Seminary in 1992 with a Master of Divinity and have served various churches in South Texas, but it wasn’t until he came to Medina that he realized that he came home.    

Recently Bill and Anna built their forever home on 10 acres and are semi-involved in homesteading with rain catchment system as well as gardening, bee keeping, and raising chickens.  The two have been married for 30 years and love to help others grow and thrive in their marriages.   Bill and Anna have three adult children.  Christi / DOB 1994 who lives with her husband, David in Bryan, TX.  Kaitlin /DOB 1996 who lives in Medina, TX and Cody / DOB 1997 who also lives in Medina. 

Some of Bill’s hobby’s include HAM RADIO (call sign K5KB) and working out.   He loves to accompany his wife on guitar singing PRAISES to the Lord.   He loves to wake up early in the morning to spend time with the Lord.  He calls it his “5 AM Club.”  His other joys include his two Border Collies: Bandit and Maverick whose claim to fame is that their great grandmother is the mama Border Collie (Fly) on the talking Pig movie, “Babe.”

You can learn more about Bill by following his personal blog at www.stegemueller.com

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