“Max On Life”

Max Lucado’s, “Max On Life, was a book that really fed my soul. It was extremely well written and very relevant. It’s a beautiful compilation of all the types of questions Max has received in his many years of ministry. Lucado has a way of answering each other them in a masterful way.

“Max on Life,” is not a book of pat answers, but rather it’s book that will deepen your faith in God. It’s a book that you can pick up and read at any place. It is divided into 7 major sections: (1) Hope (2) Hurt (3) Help (4) Him/Her (5) Home (6) Have/Have-Nots (7) Hereafter. It’s exhaustively indexed with a Subject and Scripture index which makes it real easy to find what your looking for.

The book is good for both individual and group study. I recommend NOT going straight to the answers, but to struggle with each of the questions on your own and THEN read what Max has to say.

The book was extremely easy to read and I give it a 5 Star rating!

I received this book free through the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review.

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