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“Receiving and Sharing God’s Love”

It was HOT… but it was sure good to GATHER at the River!

It’s a beautiful thing for a Pastor to watch a church COME TOGETHER and IN CHRIST make such things as GATHER AT THE RIVER happen. I continue to be blown away at how YOU, as a Church, COME TOGETHER to pull such things off. The list is long for the people to THANK and I’ll probably miss a few, but let me try anyway.

  1. There were people who ORGANIZED and made phone calls.
  2. People who set up and prepared the food.
  3. Those that helped MOVE all the tables and chairs.
  4. The musicians/singers who got up EARLY on Sunday morning to move Sound Equipment.
  5. Those that helped people in and out of their cars and organized traffic.
  6. Those that set up the outdoor EVAPORATIVE COOLERS! Thanks Deer Creek Camp.
  7. Those who served as Ushers and Greeters.
  8. Those who prayed and invited people.
  9. Most of all the HOLY SPIRIT who empowers and equips us to do HIS WORK. To God be the GLORY great things HE HAS DONE!

Thank you also for the HUGE POUNDING you gave us on our return. When we finally got all the stuff home, Kaitlin kept saying over and over again, “LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF… we’ll NEVER have to go to the grocery store again!” It is SO GOOD to be back and I feel so THANKFUL to be your Pastor. I feel totally RENEWED, REFRESHED, and READY to tackle ministry full force with you!

It was an honor and a privilege to recognize and pray for our school workers. Let’s keep them in our prayers all year long and pray especially as they start out a NEW SCHOOL YEAR.

I also want to introduce our NEWEST MEMBERS who joined the church this Sunday: Donna and Jim Jones. I know you will go out of your way to make them feel welcome.

Here’s the PODCAST Link for this morning’s message and here’s the link to our website Medina UMC

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