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Earn This

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. It’s a time that we celebrate and remember the incredible sacrifices made by so many people to make this country great. The last few years, I’ve made a point every Memorial Day to watch the clip from “Saving Private Ryan,” where Captain Miller says to Private Ryan, “Earn This,” as he gave up his life for Private Ryan during WWII. The closing scene shows Ryan as an old man before Miller’s grave years later and he says, “I’ve thought about your words at the bridge every day of my life… I hope I’ve earned it,” His wife then walks up and he asks, “Tell me I’ve had a good life… Tell me I’m a good person,” and she then comforts and affirms him.


I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that scene, but it AWAYS moves me to tears. My prayer is that it might also move us to ACTION. May we use this Memorial Day to take inventory of how BLESSED we are as a nation. May we also seek to be grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus and though there’s no way we can ever come close to earning it… may we live our lives as a grateful response.


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