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Twitter Quotes

I don’t know what you think about Twitter… At first, I was extremely hesitant about using it. I mean, after all, isn’t Facebook good enough to connect and stay in contact with people? YES, I believe Facebook is by FAR the best way to connect and reconnect with friends and families.

However, the big appeal of Twitter (for me) is that it a great way to share and discover what is happening RIGHT NOW. For example, You can see the top 10 things people all over the world are Twittering about at any given time. News also breaks out and spreads extremely FAST on Twitter, but be sure to check out any important news with a reliable source before believing it. (See my blog on SNOPES.)

I don’t so much Tweet (act of posting) on Twitter as much as I enjoy listening to what other people are saying. I find that it’s a great way to put your ear on the world and hear what’s saying and thinking on a wide range of subjects. It’ refreshing for me because I think it’s human nature to socialize with only “like minded” people. Twitter allows me the chance to break out and hear what other people are saying who may not like minded.  I try to  especially pay attention to the TRENDS (Hot Topics).

James 1:9, tells us to be “Quick to hear and slow to Speak.” Twitter gives me an opportunity to do exactly that.

To give you a taste of the value of Twitter… here are some quotes that I found inspiring:

If you notice on the left hand margin of this blog there is a Twitter Feed of my most recent Tweets that I hope will give you a glimpse into my life.

You can go to www.twitter.com to set up your FREE account or for more information. CNET News also has a great introduction into the twitter world. CLICK HERE.

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