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When God Came Near

Max Lucado wrote a book some time ago entitled “When God Came Near” that highlights what Christmas is all about. I think Lucado picked the perfect title because that’s what Christmas is really all about—GOD COMING NEAR! He came to earth as a human being so we could—among other things—know Him!

At the birth of Jesus, everything about God suddenly became seeable, touchable, and knowable. Jesus Christ is not only our idea of what God is like, He’s also God’s idea of what man was created to be like. He is FULLY God and FULLY man. He’s not some impersonal force.

Think about how God made his entrance onto this planet as a Human Being. He could’ve come in all of His glory, but who among us would be able to stand? Instead, He came into this world the same way we do, through a birth canal. He comes to us in human flesh because if He came in all His power and glory, we would be forced to follow Him because of the magnitude of that sheer power and glory. God doesn’t want us to follow Him because of His power. He wants us to follow Him because of His love.

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