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“Sun Stand Still”

“Sun Stand Still,” is about discovering what Steven Furtick calls, “AUDACIOUS FAITH.”  He defines audacity as, “regular people behaving with boldness or daring… especially with confident disregard for personal comfort {or} conventional thought.”

The book’s title is taken from Joshua chapter 10 where God tells Joshua that He has delivered the Amorites into his hands.  Joshua then marches his men all night and engages the Amorite army in faith.  Then God actually fights for them by throwing down huge hailstones, but as the sun was about to set, Joshua faced a huge decision.  The victory wasn’t complete and yet if the sun set, the rest of the Amorites would slip away.  So Joshua prayed one of the most audacious prayer ever spoken… He asked God to make the sun stand still and God literally made the sun stand still to give him a couple more hours of daylight!

This is NOT a PROSPERITY BOOK.  I can understand how some people Continue reading

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