“Authority in Prayer”

dutchI just got through reading Dutch Sheets, “Authority in Prayer.”  It was one of those books that is difficult to put down once you start.  The subtitle is, “Praying with Power and Purpose,” which is really captures the whole idea behind the book.

Dutch opened my eyes to the incredible authority we have in prayer.   Everything he teaches is backed up with Scripture and illustrated through his own personal experience.  I liked the book so much that I went to his website to order the mp3 teaching which was just four dollars. The link for the mp3 is: http://dutchsheets.mybigcommerce.com/praying-with-authority-teaching-download/.   The mp3 teaching is not nearly as thorough as the book and it touches more on interceding for our government.

The book helped me to realize the authority that Jesus wants me to bring into every situation.  My purpose is to use every opportunity to bring Jesus’ authority into every situation..  We are His representatives (ambassadors) and prayer is one of the main tools God has given us to bring about His will in a fallen world.

I love the fact that Dutch Sheets is so REAL when he writes about prayer.  He doesn’t pretend to be the expert and to have all the answers.  What he does have is unique ability to inspire God’s people to take prayer seriously.  He has a way of helping people to see how prayer can be a vital part of a person’s spiritual life.

I am a lot more confident in my prayer life as a result of reading this book.  While I am familiar about praying God’s will using the Scriptures, there was something about the way that Dutch presented it that really “clicked” in my spirit.

I loved reading about some real life examples to how God used prayer in Dutch’s ministry and was overjoyed to hear how God answers prayers.   The chapters were short and could be easily read as a devotional book every day.

I received a free copy of this book by Bethany House (even through I already owned a digital copy when the book was offered for free at Amazon) in exchange for a honest non-biased review.

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