Walking in LIGHT

Billy Graham was one of my heroes.  (1918-2018)

I remember in 1997 chartering a couple of buses and taking a group from church to the Billy Graham Crusade in the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, TX. It was POWERFUL time when God REALLY made Himself know. What was amazing to me is that it was a rather SIMPLE message that Billy Graham preached and yet hundreds of people came forward!

RC Sproul tells a story about Billy Graham playing a celebrity golf tournament in his book, “Holiness of God,” in which Graham was put in a foursome with President Gerald Ford and two other professional golfers. After the round someone came up to one of the professionals and asked, “What was it like playing golf with the President and Billy Graham,” and the Pro said with disgust, “I don’t need Billy Graham stuffing religion down my throat!” and then stormed off a HUFF. Bewildered the man turned to the other pro and said, “What did Billy Graham say?” and the PRO sighed with embarrassment and said, “Funny thing is, Billy Graham didn’t even mention RELIGION.” 

Isn’t that something. Billy Graham didn’t even have to SAY anything.  His mere PRESENCE was LIGHT. Light has an interesting characteristic. It exposes the darkness.

You say, well that was Billy Graham! But if you are in Christ, the same Holy Spirit that was in Billy Graham is also in you!

Jesus says that we are the SALT of the Earth and the LIGHT of the WORLD. (Matthew 5:13-16) We were put on the planet to bring LIGHT to an otherwise DARK world. Jesus said that when you light a candle, you don’t put it under a BUSHEL, but put it out for all to see.


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