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Camp Logos and Logos Bible Software

Camp LogosI had the most INCREDIBLE Continuing Education experience and it involved  (are you ready for this)… software.  This past week I was  CAMP LOGOS which is a two day training to use Logos Bible Software 4.

For years I’ve been hesitant to commit to a single Bible Program.  I found myself going back and forth from Logos Bible Software to WORDsearch Bible program, but that has all changed since attending CAMP LOGOS.

I do believe WORDsearch is easier to use straight out of the box.  Logos on the other hand has the monster resources.  The big frustration I’ve had with Logos is that it seemed so clunky and slow.  Yes, it had incredible resources, but it was at the expense of being user friendly.  It just seemed like Logos tried to do too much for you.

My thoughts have completely changed since attending CAMP LOGOS.  The camp opened my eyes to what the program could really do.  In my opinion the camp is absolutely necessary to really get the most out of the software and makes the Logos superior in every way to any other Bible Software.  (I don’t think WORDsearch even offers training seminars)

What’s frustrating to me about WORDsearch is that they don’t have a Mac Version of their software.  What they do have one  is a Windows program running on the Mac through WINE and X.11. While it still is powerful and easy to use, it has the look and feel of Windows and is  somewhat slower.  I called the WORDsearch support number and asked if they had any plans of coming out with a Mac version and they said, “No.”

Morris Procter, official trainer (former pastor) of Logos, truly knows how to teach in a way that’s interesting and practical.  He knows how to engage his students. I got more out of the first hour than I thought I would’ve gotten from the whole camp!   The camp turns the slow clunky Logos software into a indispensible lightening fast Bible Software!  I found myself completely blown away by the software and how EASY it is to use once you learn a few things.   CAMP LOGOS vastly exceeded my expectations.

Camp Logos

Logos Bible Software is a multiplatform program that’s designed to run in both Windows and Mac (I’m a Mac User) format.  Logos is device independent.  The philosophy is that if you buy the books in electronic form, you ought to be able to access it no matter what type of device you use.  Logos allows you to install the software on every computer that you own (they’ll even count your spouse’s computers as your own)!  What I did not know is that Logos syncs all your notes, visual markups, favorites, bookmarks, Bible reading plans, prayer lists, toolbars, collections, resource associations, diagrams, saved searches, etc. to your other computers!

I also found out that you have access to all your Logos resources online when you’re away from your computer by logging in at http://biblia.com/ with your username and password.  This is really cool when you don’t have access to your own computer!   It even has the look and feel of the Bible program.

I urge everyone to give LOGOS BIBLE SOFTWARE a try.  I’ll be happy to help get you started (if you live in the area).  It comes in a number of different packages to fit any budget.  The cheapest package (Christian Home Library) is only $149 and includes 100 Bibles and Bible references books worth over $1,300.00 in print!

By the way, I’m not affiliated with Logos in anyway.  I’m just trying to share my epiphany.  You can read an early blog I wrote on Logos by clicking this LINK.


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Logos Bible Software 4 Mac Is Shipping Soon!

Logos Bible Software 4 Mac Is Shipping Soon!

I cannot wait! Actually it’s already out (in the Beta), but I’m SO looking forward to it’s full release.

I have been a faithful user of Logos Bible Software for YEARS (Most recently the iPhone app) and believe there isn’t a better Bible Software. I’ve tried Biblesoft, WORDsearch, and others… nothing beats the RESOURCES available through Logos. Available in Windows and now APPLE! Check it out for yourself and get into the Word or more accurately let It GET INTO YOU!

There’s a software package price to fit any budge!

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