“Deliver Us From Evil”

My good friend and colleague, Pastor David Busby, formerly of Pipe Creek Community Church preaching on Spiritual Warfare in a message entitled, “Deliver Us From Evil.”    Powerful message.  Published with David Busby’s permission.

A couple of disclaimers:
It is impossible for a Christian to be “possessed.”  The danger from demons is not being “demon possessed.” The word  possessed is not found in the gospels. The Greek word is diamonizomai which simply means “demonized.”     A Christian cannot be possessed is because  our spirit is already possessed and sealed by the Holy Spirit.     However it is possible for a Christians soul (mind, will, and emotions) to be oppressed or demonized.  Demons do not “possess: their victims in the sense of gaining control.  What demons do is influence us. They tempt us, twist our thinking and cloud our understanding. They lie to us about our identity in Christ, tell us us we are useless and hopeless.

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