Another Black Eye…

Black EyeThe Church (as a whole) got another black eye when a Houston church with the name of UNITY became so disunited that the pastor refused to serve Holy Communion. Houston Unity Baptist Church is a congregation of about 30 members. Members of the church claimed that Rev. Goodman asked for a show of hands of people who were willing to hand over their tax refund checks to the church. When no one raised their hands he then went on to refuse to serve them Communion!

Goodman has admitted to denying his congregation communion but said he did so because church members overall have failed to support the church financially — like giving money toward its new parking lot. He said only four or five members of the church actually donate, and he called the rest of his congregation “devils,” and went on to say how those “devils” need to come and get their demons cast out of them!

My question is, “Where is the accountability?” I know in the United Methodist Church there is the Pastor Parish Relations Committee that serves to keep me accountable in the local church and the Bishop of the SWTX Conference to keep me accountable to the United Methodist Church. If I pulled a stunt like that I would be severely reprimanded and perhaps even removed from the pulpit. I know most Southern Baptist Churches have some kind of built in accountability such as a Deacon Board… so where is this guy’s Deacon Board?

I believe we all need to be held accountable by other mature Christians so that we can be all that we can be for Christ so that junk like this won’t ever happen. I realize none of us on the outside will ever really know the truth of what went on Houston Unity Baptist Church, but one thing is for sure… it’s going to be very hard for that community to ever take that church seriously after they publicly fight and squabble over such petty things.

To see Fox News Report on the story you can go to this LINK.

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